Bernadette Rivero


Oakland, CA
(415) 483-2490

Practice Details

  • Online therapy offered
  • LGBTQ+ affirming
  • Wheelchair accessible
Have you ever been told any of the following phrases? “You don’t need therapy. Therapy is for crazy people.” "Suck it up, you're fine." "Your issues are a family problem. Why do you need to talk to a stranger about our business?" If you've heard that or anything similar, I’m here to support you in unpacking those talk tracks and working through any guilt and/or shame that may have caused. Your feelings and experiences are important and valid. Those views have a tendency to trickle into our own self-perception, self-esteem, regulation tools, reactions, and communication styles, which we can identify and work through together.

License Information




Filipino American


  • English


  • Life transitions
  • Migrants, immigrants, or refugees
  • Racial/cultural identity
  • Racial trauma-informed
  • Stress

Insurance Providers

Aetna and Optum (including all insurances under their umbrella)
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