Asians for Mental Health

Asians for Mental Health was created to help Asians feel seen, heard, and empowered in their journeys towards better mental health.

Jenny Wang, PhD



Dr. Jenny Wang is the founder of the @asiansformentalhealth community. She started Asians for Mental Health in September 2019 with the dream of developing an Asian therapist directory. She is a licensed clinical psychologist and corporate speaker on the intersections of Asian American identity, mental health, and social justice. Her passion for Asian mental health stems from her memories of diminishing her Asian identity for the majority of her formative years and feeling alone in her struggles to understand mental health issues within Asian culture.

Asian American Mental Health Trainee Scholarships

We’re now accepting applications for Asian American Mental Health Trainee Scholarships! If you’re interested, please fill out the scholarship application form by October 6, 2021.

In order to be eligible, applicants must identify as Asian American, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander and be enrolled in an institution with a major relating mental health (must be a graduate school student) in the United States.

Thank you to all our supporters who made this possible!

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