Grace Huntley


New York, NY
(917) 274-7478

Practice Details

  • Reduced fees offered
  • Online therapy offered
  • LGBTQ+ affirming
  • Wheelchair accessible
As a mental health counselor, I specialize in helping people who excel at taking care of others, take better care of themselves. I help conflict avoiders, people pleasers, overachievers, and anxious attachers figure out who they are and who they want to be. Through consistent, individualized sessions, I help you develop: - greater personal insight and understanding of internalized narratives; - awareness of patterns or origins of thoughts and behavior; and, - self-efficacy to reach or maintain feelings of wellness and cope better Together, we will figure out what's not working and find a new path forward.

License Information




Korean Adoptee


  • English


  • Multi-racial Asian
  • Transracial Asian adoptees
  • Anxiety
  • Burnout/Career counseling
  • Couples, marriage, or romantic relationships
  • Depression
  • Life transitions
  • Stress
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder

Insurance Providers

United Healthcare
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